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Avaya Unified Communications

Avaya is a global leader in communications solutions and business collaboration. Avaya provides innovation to customers across the globe through three avenues- unified communications, customer experience and integration management, and networking.


This post will focus on the first of Avaya’s solutions categories, unified communications. Avaya’s unified communications products “improve efficiency, collaboration, customer service―and ultimately competitiveness.” Like many other products and services offered by DataVox, unified communications can simplify your business initiatives; by integrating data, voice, and video, customers can “communicate and collaborate in real time.”


Within unified communications, Avaya has developed a mid-market solution- IP Office. Designed as a solution to propel small-medium businesses to a level of “sophisticated unified communications,” IP Office creates the potential to network as many as 32 locations.  The IP Office feature set is captured through IP Office’s Power User license, which is a comprehensive feature set including:


  • Avaya One-X Portal (both Web-based and Outlook plug-in)
  • Unified Messaging
  •  Avaya One-X Mobile Preferred (iPhone and Android app)
  • Flare IP Softphone for iPad or Windows


In order to understand how Avaya’s mid-market solutions are the best fit for your company, you must truly understand the offerings. When a client or business chooses the Power User license, they receive the benefits and features included within Office Worker, Teleworker, and Mobile Worker.


  •  IP Office Power User: This software has the power to enhance communication initiatives and position users in a place of constant connection. Notably, software capabilities include: managing and control of calls from a mobile device, receiving of phone calls from a computer, message notification, unified messaging, and conference call hosting. Benefits of course include efficiency, but productivity and increased productiveness truly stand out amidst the clutter.
  •  IP Office Mobile Worker Preferred: In an industry where professionals are constantly on the go, Avaya’s IP Office Mobile Worker Preferred software keeps them accessible with one phone number for both their mobile device and desk phone. Additionally, if the software is combined with an Avaya wireless IP phone, users can leave their desk and still have wireless capabilities. Use of this software will reduce costs- business call plans can be taken advantage of by routing calls through IP Office.
  • IP Office- Office Worker: Office Worker software aims to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. Avaya recognizes that some employees spend the majority of time at an office desk and require a specific set of communication tools- “a single, intuitive PC interface that puts powerful communications tools at your fingertips.” This software grants users many capabilities, including: the ability to manage phone calls from a PC, message management through unified messaging, instant messaging and the ability to view the status of coworkers and external contacts, and audio conference management, access, and creation.
  • IP Office Teleworker: Further, Avaya recognized the need to provide small businesses with an avenue for employees to work from home with the same levels of accessibility and responsiveness. Utilization of this software allows employees to work remotely with a “full array” of office phone capabilities through a simple internet connection. Point-and-click call handling and integrated desktop calling and communications are just a few of the capabilities. Additionally, a dispersed workforce can be easily managed by the “presence” features and connection through a VPN further reduces costs.


Countless choices, years of innovation and research, and products proven to help your company rise above the rest through collaboration and efficiency are simply a few of the reasons why Avaya Unified Communications are a unique and remarkable business investment.