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How Smart is Your Conference Room?

Thanks to our partners at Crestron, “the conference room of the future” has arrived.


Imagine you walk by your conference room and realize that you forgot to reserve the room for your afternoon meeting. A quick glance at the Crestron touch screen on the wall outside of the room shows you the full day of meetings taking place within the room. You notice there is a free hour between 1pm and 2pm so you quickly reserve the room directly from the touch screen device.


When you get back to your desk, you receive an email from one of your meeting participants. She would really like you to push the meeting back an hour. You open up your Outlook Calendar, Google Calendar or Lotus Notes (Crestron integrates with them all), see that the conference room is free at noon and move your meeting. The touch screen located on the wall outside the conference room now automatically updates and shows your updated meeting time.


A few minutes before your meeting, the conference room automatically gets ready for your meeting. The projector is turned on automatically, shades lower, and lights dim. At 12pm the touch screen lights change from green to red, signifying to all that the room is yours. You start the meeting on time because the room was automatically set up just for you. Everything just works seamlessly.


The meeting runs smooth, and you end up finishing 30 minutes earlier than scheduled. Sensing no movement in the room for at least 10 minutes, the Crestron-controlled conference room correctly assumes that the meeting is over and frees up the room in the calendar. It also powers off the projector, raises the shades, and turns off the lights. The touch screen lights turn green, and the room patiently waits for the next scheduled meeting.


If you’d like to upgrade your conference room to have these capabilities, our professional A/V team at DataVox can implement this solution to have your room Crestron controlled in no time. Contact us today for more information.