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A Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company

Mobile and cloud-based technologies are forcing us to rethink enterprise networking. HP and Aruba have joined forces to help you move your business, and the people in it, faster than ever before.

Networking Products

A smarter network that’s mobile and IoT ready.

Aruba products

Buy 3 AP's and get 2 free

Don’t compromise on Wi-Fi. Get non-stop, business-class Wi-Fi at an economy-class price.

For a limited time, buy 3 Aruba Instant Access Points and get 2 free. See first-hand how Aruba Instant access points provide:
  • Better employee productivity
  • Superior user experiences
  • Business-class security
Aruba Access Point

Enterprise-grade Wi-Fi access points

Aruba 802.11ac wireless access points deliver superb Wi-Fi performance – they can be deployed as controller-managed or controllerless Aruba Instant APs depending on the design, scope and scale of your wireless network.

Aruba Mobility Controller

Mobility Controllers for next-gen networks

Aruba Mobility Controllers offer centralized network engineering, IP services, security and policy controls, and app-aware platforms. In addition to network control, they can be deployed as branch gateways, VPN concentrators, WIPS/WIDS and spectrum monitors, and stateful network firewalls with integrated content filtering.

Aruba Analytics and Location Engine

Analytics and Location Engine

The Analytics and Location Engine (ALE) works with Aruba WLANs to collect presence data about Wi-Fi-enabled mobile devices while protecting personal privacy. This data is then integrated with third-party analytics solutions that translate it into actionable business intelligence.

Aruba Network Management Module

Network Management – on-prem or cloud

Aruba’s network management solutions deliver granular visibility and predictive analytics for small businesses to large enterprises — locally or in the cloud.

Aruba Switches

Aruba Switches

Aruba switches bring performance and reliability to the mobile-first campus. These industry-leading switches are scalable, secure, and feature HPE Smart Rate multi-gigabit ports for high-speed connectivity.

Aruba Mobile First Platform

Aruba Mobile First Platform

The Aruba Mobile First Platform is the intelligent software layer that turns connectivity into a rich experience for mobile users and actionable insights for business and IT. It’s designed to accelerate your adoption of mobile and IoT initiatives and separate your business from the crowd.

Asset Tracking

Aruba Asset Tracking

Aruba Asset Tracking uses Real-time Locating Systems (RTLS) to electronically track your assets so you can better manage your possessions, prevent loss while improving asset utilization, staff efficiency, and capital expenditure.