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Genetec Cloud Services

Sick of managing your security infrastructure or don’t have the capital to afford an IT team? Genetec’s Cloud Services take the stress and hassle out of on-site infrastructure maintenance and allows you to manage your security system from a remote location through the cloud or through a hybrid solution so that no hardware is necessary. With Cloud Services, you are always up-to-date with your security operations and have the flexibility to expand your system with your company as needed.

Genetec Cloud Archive


Genetec’s unique Cloud Archives service allows you to have the capability to increase or decrease your storage capacity when needed without having to purchase additional hardware. You can maintain recordings so that they are always available in the case of an incident or critical events.

Genetec FaaS


Federation-as-a-Service or FaaS brings together monitoring, reporting and alarm management to make it easier to supervise and control your security system from a single location, reducing the need of on-site. With Faas you have the ability to adapt a model that best fits your organization’s needs, whether that be a hybrid or fully cloud-based system.

Genetec Stratocast


With Genetec’s Stratocast you have the ability to manage multiple video recordings within the cloud through Security Center systems or applications, saving funds that would otherwise be necessary for on-premise servers. Easy installation, as well as regulated maintenance and updates, ensure video availability and security