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Genetec KiwiVision Analytics Integration

A new era in actionable data

Genetec KiwiVision Video Analytics for Security Center is a better approach to your everyday security challenges that allows you evaluate the situation and take action faster while reducing the burden left on your team. Transform your video surveillance system and gain a better understanding of business and traffic activities with the help of KiwiVision’s suite of analytic capabilities.

Genetec and KiwiSecurity

How Does It Work?

KiwiVision® Analytics
Suite Integration Architecture

Live video is streamed from connected cameras to Security Center and KiwiVision® servers. Analytic events are detected by KiwiVision’s applications and sent to Security Center.

KiwiVision Analytics Suite Integration Architecture

Alarm Triggering Analysis Applications


Protect your perimeter, detect potentially dangerous objects and monitor the health of your cameras. Easily protect your people and assets from unwanted visitors and threats.

〉 KiwiVision® Intrusion Detector

〉 KiwiVision® Object Detector

〉 KiwiVision® Face Collector


Monitor the direction of vehicles so that you can better understand the flow of vehicles within your environment when needed and detect incidents or unusual activity.

〉 KiwiVision® Vehicle Counter

〉 KiwiVision® Parking Space Analyzer

〉 KiwiVision® Direction Controller


Minimize direct threats and enhance security while optimizing operations so that there is no need for downtime and reduce your operational costs.

〉 KiwiVision® People Counter

〉 KiwiVision® Queue Detector

KiwiVision Intrusion Detector
KiwiVision Activity Visualizer