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KiwiSecurity is the leading developer of video analytics and video control solutions,
transforming video surveillance into a pro-active tool, ultimately automating video surveillance by extracting
key information. KiwiSecurity’s mission is to provide the most accurate detections while eliminating any false
alert, utilizing world-class patented algorithms. KiwiSecurity’s technology, addresses security, as well as business or traffic intelligence and can be integrated into any existing or new system.



KiwiVision Video Enhancer optimizes images to improve analysis results and enhance the detection of events in an image.

• Fog, rain and snow filter
• Automatic contrast adjustment
• Stabilizing of shaking cameras


The KiwiVision Object Detector instantaneously detects unwanted objects in defined areas.

• Detection of objects in defined areas
• Detection of objects down to the size of 1cm
• Simple configuration


The KiwiVision Intrusion Detector automatically detects and alerts you as soon as an object, person or vehicle moves into the defined area.

• Automated perimeter protection
• Operable with thermal and infrared cameras
• Robust in all weather conditions
• Filtering of animals
• Freely definable areas


The KiwiVision Face Collector screens every person in your defined area and files the faces in a video stream with date and time.

• Automated collecting of faces
• Simultaneous detection of multiple faces
• Detection of covered faces
• Quick finding of faces searched

Privacy Protector


The KiwiVision Privacy Protector automatically obscures all persons in surveillance videos through the chosen pixelations for the given situation. The various methods of obscuring ensures perfect privacy protection in any scenario.

Traffic Intelligence

KiwiSecurity Traffic Intelligence solutions include Direction Controller, License Plate Recognition, Vehicle Counter and Parking Space Analyzer.

Direction Controller: Optical Direction Detection

License Plate Recognition: Detection and Matching of License Plates

Parking Space Analyzer: Visual Analysis of Parking Areas

Traffic Analyzer: Visual Counting and Classification of Vehicles

Vehicle Counter: Visual Counting of Vehicles

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