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Wireless display solutions

Give your employees the right tools they need in order to succeed in their jobs with Mersive Solstice products and solutions provided by DataVox. Solstice enables multiple users to connect simultaneously to a shared display using a range of devices over a WiFi or Ethernet network.

With a Solstice-enabled display in the room,  any number of users can instantly connect, share and control the display, foster collaboration and decision-making.

Solstice is available as licensed software, or the Solstice Pod offers a turnkey solution for any meeting space with a display. Solstice is enterprise-ready, providing robust management capabilities and network deployment options.

Solstice Pod

The Solstice Pod

The Solstice Pod is an all-inclusive collaboration solution with flexible deployment options and an enterprise-class network, security, and IT management features, the Pod is a transformative solution for a broad range of collaboration settings. The Pod can be deployed on existing corporate and campus networks, or enable the built-in Wireless Access Point for off-network, ‘drop-in’ deployments.

Solstice Software

+ any number of simultaneous users, sharing unlimited content
+ customizable display layouts
+ iOS mirroring support
+ support for multi-touch displays
+ support for any displays of any resolution
+ configurable sharing options, access control, and use modes

Mersive Solstice display software for Windows