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HPE Cloud Volumes


Ready to move your enterprise applications to the cloud? HPE Cloud Volumes will get them there faster. With cloud solutions, enterprises are able to experience business agility, strong security, a flexible infrastructure, and easier information management. With the growing demand for more traditional applications in the cloud comes with higher demands on the cloud storage, specifically concerning reliability/data loss.

Multicloud is the next wave of cloud innovation. With multicloud storage, you can combine cloud simplicity with enterprise-grade reliability, provide data mobility among multiple cloud types, and eliminate vendor lock-in.

Enterprise Multicloud Deployment

HPE Cloud Volumes were designed to eliminate these issues:

The annual failure rate of native cloud block storage of 0.2% poses a great concern to enterprise executives because of the high risk of data loss for their mission-critical applications.

Your enterprise runs on hundreds if not thousands of apps that require immediate, constant data access. Productivity and efficiency can suffer if the flow of data is disrupted.

While it can be relatively simple and cost-effective to work with a cloud provider, changing cloud providers or moving your data to your own data centers can be challenges that are both costly and time-consuming.

Multicloud storage bubble chart


use multiple clouds


use multiple providers
in search of the one that
is most economica


use them to avoid vendor lock-in


plan to implement one soon

What Concerns Enterprises About Using Cloud Storage


  • Vendor lock-in
  • Different cloud environments make it difficult to move data
  • Lack of integration between on-premise hardware and the cloud


  • Risk of data loss
  • Lack of data services
  • Providers offering insufficient SLAs


  • Inability to see and manage data across clouds
  • Unpredictable costs and usage spikes
  • Inability to pinpoint performance issues within the cloud

The Right Multicloud Storage Solution Mitigates Risk
and Offers Significant Cost Benefits

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Complete control over your data

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A platform as easy to use as native cloud storage

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The reliability and features your applications need

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Global visibility to manage data no matter where it is stored

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