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DataVox has partnered with Polycom to fuel collaboration, increase productivity and decrease cost by delivering voice, video, and content collaboration solutions for organizations and businesses of any size.

Browse DataVox and Polycom solutions:

Voice Collaboration Solutions

Conference Phones

Make it feel like everyone’s together in the same room. Polycom conference phones are the standard because they deliver the clearest sound to every participant in every location.

RealPresence TrioRealPresence Trio

The first smart hub for group collaboration that transforms the iconic three-point phone into a modular voice, video and content sharing system that can fit in any team environment, large or small.

Installed Audio

Get clear audio conferencing in larger rooms, auditoriums and unique spaces that require customized voice solutions.

SoundStructure C Series


Equip your large and custom-built conference rooms for clear audio collaboration.

Video Conferencing Solutions


Fully participate in meetings at your workstation, home office, hotel —or wherever you happen to be with mobile/personal collaboration.

RealPresence Desktop OfficeRealPresence for Web, Desktop, or Mobile

Boost productivity by giving your workforce the flexibility to collaborate in high-definition audio, video and content with anyone. From any personal device, from any location.


Give your teams the space and tools they need to collaborate more effectively. Provide rooms equipped with HD video conferencing systems and HD content sharing.

RealPresence Room Collaboration

RealPresence Room Collaboration

Harness your global expertise and reduce operating expenses by equipping your rooms with high-quality video collaboration and content sharing. Our solutions are optimized for modern workspaces – huddle rooms, open workspaces and conference rooms.

Immersive TelePrescence

Examine and develop content as a team no matter where your people are located. Our solutions make sharing information as natural as being in the same room.

RealPresence Immersive Studio

RealPresence Immersive

Every important business discussion should be face to face. Our immersive telepresence solutions combine the highest quality voice, video and content sharing to deliver a truly lifelike experience, so your teams collaborate, make decisions and drive impact.

Content Collaboration Solutions

Content Sharing

Fully participate in meetings at your workstation, home office, hotel —or wherever you happen to be with mobile/personal collaboration.

RealPresence and RealConnectRealPresence and RealConnect

Develop ideas together with collaboration tools that feel as natural as being there. Effortless screen sharing helps your remote workers strategize, brainstorm, and plan faster.

Recording, Streaming & Content Management

Create a more connected and aligned organization. With our simple-to-use solutions, everyone can create, share and access important information.

RealPresence Media Suite

RealPresence Media Suite

The easiest, all-in-one solution to capture, share and stream videos.