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Reliable surveillance solutions

DataVox has partnered with Pro-Vigil to provide your company with the top video-based physical security solutions in the industry. Significantly improve your company’s performance and security with a surveillance solution from Pro-Vigil so that you never have to worry about what happens on your property when you aren’t there. From preventing crimes before they start to providing the peace of mind that comes from being able to access live surveillance feeds at any time and from any place, Pro-Vigil has the technology to safeguard your property.

Surveillance Solutions



Pro-Vigil proactive monitoring solution uses virtual guards to monitor the equipment that is monitoring your property from a remote location. The virtual guards can evaluate and respond to incidents on your property as necessary without stepping into harm’s way.

Mobile Security


Pro-Vigil mobile security solutions can assist with a number of issues both security and non-security related when and where you need it. Mobile solution provides key features that help give you a peace of mind.