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Protect your valuable assets, your people and property 24/7 with Pro-Vigil proactive security solutions. Enjoy all the benefits of an onsite security guard without having to train, equip, or pay for a full-time security guard to handle and face situations when they arise. Pro-Vigil’s dedicated virtual security guards monitor your property from a remote location so that they are never physically in harms ways.

Cost Efficient

Cost Efficient

With Pro-Vigil’s Virtual Security Guards there is no need to hire a full-time onsite security guard for your property that comes with training, equipment, and possible team


24/7 Proactive Monitoring

Advanced surveillance training, special software, and onsite deterrents give virtual guards all they need in order to monitor your assets and property 24/7 and respond appropriately should an incident occur


Protect Your Property Remotely

Special software allows these guard to monitor remotely so that they are able to thoroughly monitor your property without being put in a dangerous situation