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Internet Connected Sensors

DataVox and Samsara have partnered together to offer a complete solution for fleets. Our mission is to help commercial fleets use sensor data to improve efficiency, safety, and customer satisfaction. Samsara’s products combine plug-and-play sensors, wireless connectivity, and rich cloud-hosted software, all tightly-integrated for simple deployment. Samsara Fleet Management products serve multiple industries including food and beverage, distribution and freight, manufacturing, oil and gas, construction, utilities, local government, field services, retail, and passenger transit. Increase your ROI and simplify your fleet management process today!

WATCH DEMO: Samsara for Fleets

Samsara: A new data platform for fleets

Samsara Data Platform
  • A complete solution for fleets
    • Cellular gateways, wireless sensors, mobile apps, and cloud software
    • For vehicles, trailers, reefers, drivers, dispatch, and compliance
  • Unified platform increases efficiency
    • Gleans business-relevant insights
    • Simplifies management
    • Reduces operating costs

Fleet portfolio overview

Samsara Cellular Gateways

Cellular Gateways

Wireless Internet Connectivity, Real-Time GPS Location, Vehicle Diagnostics, Sensor Data

Samsara Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps for Drivers

Hours of Service (ELD-ready), DVIR, Dispatch & Routes

Samsara Sensors

Sensors & Camera Modules

Internet-Connected Dashboard Camera, Wireless Temperature, Humidity, & Sensor Inputs

Samsara Cloud

Cloud-Based Dashboard

Real-Time Location & Alerts, Dispatch, Analytics, & Reporting for Safety, Efficiency, & Compliance

Samsara Report