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DataVox, in partnership with Syn-Apps, offers you paging and notification software solutions utilized for emergency alerts, mass notification, in-building paging, and off-premise communication. Protect your people and assets while improving business processes, increasing safety, and streamlining communication across your organizations.

Syn-Apps trusted communications solutions make daily communication easier through streamlined communication processes and multiplatform compatibility.

Syn-Apps Solutions

Revolution: Notification Platform

Breakdown communications and unite processes into one centralized platform with Syn-Apps notification platform. Drive people to communicate faster and more efficiently with the help of features including real-time alerts, automated and scheduled notifications, intelligible text-to-speech alerts, and more. Revolution is designed to operate with existing on-prem or hosted communication system and adapts to your organizations changing needs.


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Syn-Apps’ SA-Announce is an enhanced Paging and Mass Notification platform that quickly and efficiently notifies personnel. It serves as a single-point of activation for customers to manage notifications across disparate systems.

Syn-Apps Call Alert

Call Alert

Automatically know specific call details like the location of the dialed 911 call, which user the phone is associated to, and more – keeping your organization one step ahead at all times

Syn-Apps App-Pendix


App-Pendix consolidates IP phone directories and makes them accessible to all Cisco XML-enabled phones. With App-Pendix, you can create a global directory, available to all phones, regardless of the CUCM cluster configuration.

Syn-Apps Call Replay

Call Replay

Quickly search and replay recorded phone calls with CallReplay’s call recording software. Results are returned instantly with pertinent call details, such as caller information, call duration.


Syn-Apps Paging Relay

Syn-Apps Paging Relay

Patented technology providing a suite of features including unicast-to-multicast conversion, analog system integration, background music, smart-building detection and control.

Syn-Apps Park-N-Page

Syn-Apps Park-N-Page

The Park-N-Page device is an automated SIP paging attendant notifies users or departments when a call is received. 

Syn-Apps Certified Endpoints

Compatible Endpoints

Syn-Apps’ notification software is compatible with a variety of industry-leading IP hardware manufacturers.


Servers & Virtual Machines

Turn-key application servers that are versatile and cost-effective, while being suitable for organizations of any size.


Phone Systems
Phone Systems
Syn-Apps SIP