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2N Telecommunications

DataVox has partnered with 2N Telecommunications, a leading company engaged in the field of ICT and physical security. Their product portfolio includes door & security intercoms, access control systems, lift communicators, IP public address systems, M2M solutions and a wide range of GSM/UMTS gateways and PBXs, focusing on SME, LME, architects, planners, system integrators, and operators.

2N Helios IP Intercoms


Helios IP Safety

2N Helios IP Safety

Helios IP Uni

2N Helios IP Uni

Helios IP Base

2N Helios IP Base

Helios IP Verso

2N Helios IP Verso

Helios IP Vario

2N Helios IP Vario

Helios IP Force

2N IP Helios IP Force


Helios IP Audio Kit

2N Helios IP Audio Kit

Helios IP Video Kit

2N Helios IP Video Kit


2N Access Unit

2N Access Unit

2N Access Commander

2N Access Commander


Indoor Touch HP

2N Indoor Touch

2N Telecommunications 2Wire

2N 2Wire

2N Mobile Video