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Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS and Brivo OnAir Access Control

Move all your physical security to the cloud

Brivo and Eagle Eye Networks have joined forces to offer a complete cloud-based security management solution – made up by the integration of the Brivo OnAir access control platform and the Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS. Getting traditional on-premise access control and video surveillance systems to communicate with each other is now an easy task with this all-in-one security solution.

Brivo onair flow chart

Double the benefits of the cloud when all your systems are cloud-based

  • Full Cloud (no onsite computers required)
  • No maintenance
  • Pay as you go
  • One click view of enter/exit video
  • One click view of door tamper event video
  • View live video
  • See events overlayed on Video
brivo onair

Videos Correlate with Access Control Events and Activities

  • Video & Event Correlation. Administrators can add references to their Eagle Eye cameras into the Brivo OnAir interface so that they can be correlated with events and activities from within their access control system.
  • Associate Security Cameras with Doors & Sensors. After adding the cameras to their account, they can associate the cameras with doors or other sensors within their Brivo OnAir account. This cross-referencing allows them to use time-stamped events from OnAir to access specific video clips from with the Eagle Eye System.
brivo onair

Manage Eagle Eye Networks Video within Brivo User Interface

  • View or Download Video. Administrators can play back the video right on the Brivo user interface, or download it to their computer.
  • View Multiple Live Video Feeds. Administrators can also view a Live Feed from Eagle Eye from within the Video page in OnAir.
  • In-Context Video Search. OnAir users can also use the OnAir Video Search page to search for specific events, cameras, or time segments from any of the recorded streams in their Eagle Eye account.
  • Mobile Access. The Brivo OnAir Mobile Administrator application can also be used to play back recorded video or view live streams originating in the Eagle Eye system.
Eagle Eye Networks Devices

Flexible - end users can easily manage bandwith.

brivo onair

Scalable - organizations of any size are able to deploy this solution.

Video and Mobile

Ability to create hybrid solution - the hybrid solution can function with any current system.