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City-Wide Security Solutions

Strengthen your city's security with solutions from our leading partners

The responsibility of monitoring and keeping cities safe no longer solely rests within the hands of law enforcement. Public and private organizations and businesses, community groups as well as the public all play a role in maintaining the safety standards within city limits. Keeping cities safe is critical not only for the well-being of its citizens, but to appeal and attract new and upcoming businesses, and contribute to economic growth. DataVox offers a wide range of products and solutions that help you create a safer city and ensure that your citizens feel safe and secure at all times. We can work with you to help find and tailor a security solution to fit your specific needs. Our city-wide physical security offerings can help:

  • Assist in reducing criminal investigation and response times
  • Protect public buildings from crime and vandalism
  • Detect, monitor and maintain safer roads and traffic flow

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Security Cameras

Network cameras can help you secure all indoor and outdoor areas at any time and in any environmental condition.

  • Public Buildings
  • Squares
  • Parks
  • Public Parking Infrastructures
  • Streets

Access Control

Complete access control solutions that protect physical assets and manage access to networks, doors, gates, parking facilities and municipal buildings.

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Video Management

The security specialists at DataVox can help you make the most of your Video Surveillance system with an industry-leading video management software solution.

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EZ Tag

Access your facility with ease using TransCore EZ Tag readers. TransCore enhances security and safety while providing efficient vehicle entry and exit.

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License Plate Recognition System

License plate recognition systems enhance your security system by automatically identifying and tracking vehicles accessing your facilities, increases situation awareness, monitors traffic flow and supports investigations with powerful reporting capabilities. It works with video surveillance, access control, and other security systems.