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Cisco Spark

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Cisco Spark

Cisco Spark: A Cloud-Based Business Collaboration Service

Communication is about more than simply being able to dial or send a message to team members or customers. It’s about being able to message, meet, and call instantly in a way that strengthens relationships and increases productivity.

Bring your teams together in a place that makes it easy to keep people and work connected. Cisco Spark offers a complete business collaboration service that enables you to message, meet, and call anyone, anywhere, at any time. The service is hosted by Cisco and sold by DataVox, a Cisco Gold and Master Collaboration partner.

Instead of just calling or instant messaging, Spark makes persistent business messaging the center experience of all your communications and where all of your work lives. You are never more than one click from initiating and receiving voice and video calls, joining meetings, scheduling meetings, and more, all with the historical context of team and one-to-one interactions including shared files and persistent messages. Three main components, message, meeting, and call, all come together in one simple interface to form a single experience.

Message: Persistent business messaging is central to the Cisco Spark service, providing an exceptional mobile experience. Secure virtual spaces let you prepare, share, and iterate on content with team or 1:1 rooms within your organization or with an external parties.

Meet: Connect teams and customers easily with the added benefits of messaging and content sharing before, during, and after the meeting. It’s easy to schedule or join a meeting at a main office, a branch office, at home, on the road, or from a room-based video system. Basic meetings enable you to have instant meetings with audio, video, and screen -sharing capabilities with any Cisco Spark user. Advanced meetings provide all the capabilities of WebEx ® meeting and allow anyone to join a meeting on any device, even third -party devices and systems.

Call: The service enables voice and video communications via mobile, desktop, and room-based devices. Integration with Cisco Spark messages and meetings will deliver a new and better way to get work done quickly via one-touch directory dialing and voicemail, and to join meetings from anywhere on any device. Already have Cisco call control? Use our Cisco Spark Hybrid services to integrate what you have with Cisco Spark message and meeting and get all the capabilities of Cisco Spark service from the cloud.