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Huddle Spaces

Huddle SpaceHuddle spaces continue to increase in popularity, as they are a way for small groups to collaborate together and increase productivity outside of the office area. Huddle spaces are small meeting rooms equipped with multiple audio and visual technologies to help to collaborate projects or to hold impromptu and brief meetings. They are completely customizable and designed to meet your business’ needs.

Huddle spaces allow colleagues to collaborate together without disrupting the larger office in conference calls and meetings. Some benefits of huddle spaces include flexibility, cost-effective, easy-to-use, convenience, accessibility and availability.

With our in-house team of highly trained A/V engineers and network specialists working for you, they will design and install a solution that fits all of your needs. Our audio visual integrators will work directly with you to ensure your ideas are turned into a reality.

Audio Visual Technologies for Huddle Spaces:


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