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LED Lighting

LED Lighting SolutionsLED lighting is a game changer, not only for the lighting industry but for your company as well. These lighting fixtures are easy to control, energy efficient, and are quicker to install than line-voltage. This  type of lighting allows you to fully manage and control your LED settings with either automatic programmable lighting scenes or single touch scenes. Less energy is required within LED lighting to create the same number of lumens as compact fluorescent bulbs, allowing these fixtures to last longer.

Some benefits of LED lighting include durability, reliability, cost efficiency and quality performance. Less maintenance is required with the use of the light fixtures as LumaStream has removed onboard drivers, which eliminate the additional heat that commonly burns out your fixture. LED light fixtures include sensors that provide light only when needed, eliminating the possibility of wasting light, and reduced maintenance costs.

Allow DataVox to help design and integrate the right LED lighting solutions tailored to your company’s needs. Contact us for installation services so that you can have better lighting within your office space, and begin utilizing the added features that come with this lighting soon.

LumaStream - Low Voltage, Intelligent LED Lighting Systems