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Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki Solutions By DataVox

A Cisco Meraki solution from DataVox allows you to centrally manage campus and distributed wireless networks via the cloud.

Cisco Meraki Cloud Managed Switches

Cisco Meraki Cloud Managed Switches

Cisco Meraki access and aggregation layer switches provide the backbone for networks of every size, combining secure, scalable, robust performance with an elegant, intuitive management experience.

  • Multigigabit Ethernet
  • Flexible Stacking
  • Layer 7 Visibility
  • Layer 3 Scalability
  • Voice & Video QoS
  • Network Topology
  • Remote Live Tools
  • Enterprise Security
Cisco Meraki MR Series Cloud Managed Wireless Access Points

Cisco Meraki Cloud Managed Indoor Access Points

  • 802.11n Wave 1 & 2 and 802.11ac indoor access points ranging from value-priced to high-performance models for high-density environments
  • Enterprise-grade security with guest access and BYOD support built in
  • Integrated application traffic shaping to prioritize critical apps and throttles, or to block unwanted apps
  • Built-in wireless intrusion detection and protection services, mesh routing, Power over Ethernet support, and more
Cisco Meraki Outdoor

Cisco Meraki Cloud-Managed Outdoor Access Points

  • 802.11 and 802.11ac outdoor access points designed for harsh, rugged, and outdoor environments (IP-67 rated)
  • Enterprise-grade security with guest access and BYOD support built-in
  • Integrated application traffic shaping prioritizes critical apps, throttles or blocks unwanted apps
  • Built-in WIDS/WIPS, mesh routing, PoE support, and more
  • Compatible with N-type external antennas
Cisco - Meraki - Cloud Management

Cisco Meraki Cloud-Management

  • Centrally manage campus and multi-site networks
  • Integrated network-wide visibility and control
  • Zero-touch device provisioning
  • Seamless firmware updates and remote troubleshooting tools
Cisco Meraki Systems Manager

Cisco Meraki Mobility Management

Systems Manager offers a complete robust feature set supporting the needs of EMM customers as well as business-critical requirements for enterprise environments.

  • Centralized Cloud Management
  • Network Settings Deployment
  • Device Location
  • App Deployment
  • Remote Troubleshooting
  • Device & Data Restrictions
  • Rapid Provisioning
  • Network Integration
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