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Asset Tracking

Cisco, Aruba & Mist

Location services allow you to provide personalized, targeted information based on the users’ current location
within your establishment and help to transform your business. Asset tracking is easy to deploy and operate and can be tailored to your business. Solutions from Cisco, Aruba & Mist increase productivity and engage with users in new ways using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

Mist - AI Is in the AIR

Cisco Virtual BLE Beacon

Next generation location accuracy

Cisco Virtual Beacon Solution provides proximity messaging, indoor wayfinding, and navigation for a richer location-aware engagement.

Operational simplicity:
Network powered and managed
Eliminate physical, battery-operated beacons
Rapid roll-out of proximity marketing campaigns and location services

High-accuracy location with advanced machine learning:
Delivers a true blue dot experience for mobile clients on their app
Typical experience is accurate within 10 feet (3m), median, with latency of less than a couple of seconds
Enables indoor wayfinding and navigation use cases along with proximity engagement
Design your customers’ indoor navigation experience with tools like built-in map, path, and zone editor

Beacon - Asset Tracking

Aruba Location Services

BLE powered Location and Proximity Services

Location services solutions from Aruba help improve your bottom line and transform your business. Whether used in conjunction with one another or on their own, these solutions keep your target audience coming back.

Aruba Tags: Aruba’s asset tracking helps to increase staff efficiency while reducing equipment cost.

Aruba Beacons: Aruba Beacons when used in conjunction with the Meridian mobile app platform, enables enterprises to infuse their mobile apps with innovative, location-based services that work both indoors and outdoors. Aruba Beacons utilize Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) technology to provide indoor location data for mobile devices. This data is critical for indoor wayfinding, proximity-aware push notifications, and other types of location services in mobile apps.

Meridian Apps: Aruba Meridian is a cloud-based, software-as-a-service with both mobile engagement and asset tracking capabilities. You can easily manage locations services from anywhere including visibility, analytics, and the scale needed to support any deployment.

Aruba USB Beacon - Asset Tracking
aruba - Asset Tracking


Create amazing onsite experiences

With Mist Bluetooth® LE high accuracy wireless indoor location services you can improve service, increase user satisfaction, streamline operations, and more.

Gather zone-based user analytics, such as the average number of customers in store and number of passersby, to help improve marketing and sales efforts
Use analytics to give users helpful information, such as real-time security checkpoint line wait-times at airports

Wayfinding (Indoor Navigation):
A GPS-like navigation offering turn-by-turn directions and a map showing the user moving toward his or her destination. 

Push Proximity-Based Notification:
Provide location-aware push notifications, such as special promotions, personalized to your users or customers

Personalized Experiences:
Identify your user and provide a personalized experience and tailor services and information specific to their interests

BLE Engagement
Beacons - Asset Tracking