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Mitel Connect HYBRID

With Mitel Connect HYBRID you can mix and match cloud and onsite deployments as your business need a change while maintaining a consistent user experience.

Mitel Connect HYBRID Sites enables companies to securely deploy Mitel MiCloud Connect and Mitel Connect ONSITE systems to different locations.

With Mitel’s hybrid technology when you deploy a Mitel onsite solution, you gain the flexibility to add additional locations via the cloud without having to replace hardware. This is the ideal solution for businesses that want to maintain their onsite installation but eventually grow into an all-cloud system.

Benefits of Connect HYBRID include:

  • Quickly scale seasonal accounts with minimal IT impact
  • Easily migrate from an on-premises solution to an all-cloud solution as business needs change
  • Add Mitel MiCloud Connect sites to your Mitel Connect ONSITE system with no capital expense
  • One common code base delivers the same user experience in all locations

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Mitel Connect HYBRID Apps

Currently have a Mitel Connect ONSITE system and want to give your team new features? Connect HYBRID Apps could be exact solution you’re looking for. Connect HYBRID Apps lets Connect ONSITE systems add new productivity-enhancing applications separately and on-demand from the cloud. Enjoy the ease and immediacy of applications such as Mitel Connect HYBRID Scribe, Mitel Connect HYBRID Fax, and Mitel Connect HYBRID Contact Center.

ShoreTel Connect Hybrid in office

Mitel Connect HYBRID Sites

Mitel Connect HYBRID Sites enables companies to deploy Mitel MiCloud Connect and Mitel Connect ONSITE systems to various locations and provides automated directory management, extension-to-extension dialing, Caller ID, and 100% feature parity.