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Mitel Salesforce Integration


  • Cloud Softphone based on Salesforce OpenCTI
  • Browser-based, no desktop software
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Improve workflow by associating Salesforce records with a call, add comments to user records then transfer call or conference with another agent
  • Customize Salesforce screen layout for preferences and workflow
  • Enjoy call control features embedded within Salesforce application
  • Monitor and adjust workgroup agent status
  • Leverage rich reports that merge call activities with customer data
  • Call recording controls embedded in Softphone (Pause/Resume and Save/No Save recording)
  • Call recording playback with a single click at Salesforce Call Connection record


Target Customers
Any Salesforce Professional, Enterprise or Unlimited Edition customer.

ShoreTel Salesforce
ShoreTel Connect OnSite
ShoreTel Connect Cloud


  • Handle all communications functions from a single application
  • Use the convergence of voice and data to enhance productivity, shorten response times, improve operations and increase customer loyalty
  • Manage time more effectively by centralizing operational procedures
  • Collaborate with other agents by associating and sending call notes in real time
  • Specify personal settings and customize screen page layouts