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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
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Tips, Tricks & Taboos of Working from Home:
Learn how to overcome common leadership challenges of a remote workforce, best practices for driving engagement when working from home, and ways to avoid the productivity pitfalls of a home office.
Prevent Crime Before it Happens:
Let Netwatch be there when you can’t. Learn about 24/7 continuous monitoring, real-time detection and intervention, fast response times, live audio warnings, preventative response, and custom customer protocols.
Hands-free, Frictionless Access Control –
Your phone is now your credential:
Alleviate the spread of germs by learning about the benefits of the cloud and why it is the future of access control. Discuss the most relevant topics in physical security and discover remote diagnostic tools.
Arctic Wolf Cohesity
Cybersecurity for Your Remote Workforce:
Using home internet to access the corporate network and data on your device can pose risks for your company’s security – learn
to prevent cyber attacks before
they happen, and recover
the data if they do.
Remote Surveillance & Access Control Made Simple:
Learn how to streamline video surveillance and access control through simple hybrid-cloud technology. Easy set-up, secure remote access, proactive alerts on threats, and real time responses.
Averting Disaster: Keep Your Contact Center Working (Safely):
Learn how to leverage the cloud for quick deployment of a contact center, how scalability and resiliency impact experience, and why a true cloud solution is essential to properly enable agents.
Elevate Unified Communications
Remote Working is the New Normal… is Your Business Ready?:
Discover Intermedia communication solutions that are built to adapt to any working environment. Join us for this webinar to learn best practices and cost-effective tools for remote worker environments.
Cisco Webex
Secure Web Meetings and Video Conferencing:
Learn how to prevent your personal information from being shared for profit & ensure End-to-End Encryption of your meeting information with the leading & most secure web collaboration & video solution provider.
Phish and Food Webinar:
Discover the starting point to an integrated defense strategy, how to protect end-points and users from phishing, and empower your organization against criminal entities trying to leverage your domain for malicious purposes.
How to Manage a Fully Remote Team:
Having the majority of your workforce work from home full-time presents new challenges for employers. Learn how to beat those challenges, effectively manage & motivate a fully remote team, and instantly shift mentality.
Cisco Meraki
SD WAN for the Distributed Workforce:
Businesses are having to adapt to a distributed workforce and tasked with the challenge of delivering critical business applications. Learn how Meraki SD-WAN architecture can help you address performance & security.
Feel Safe Returning to Work:
During this webinar, learn how to lessen the vulnerability of an active shooter with Shooter Detection Systems AND minimize the threat of COVID-19 returning to your workplace with Feevr – preventing all kinds of threats.
Enable Safe and Secure Remote
Learn the 11 important tips to help your users, and your company, stay secure while protecting everyone’s physical health. Discover ways to encrypt your devices, filter the web, utilize cloud storage, and the danger of “Shadow IT” solutions.
Navigating Through the Pandemic with Aruba:
Learn how to ensure your employees are in the safest at-home work environment and how implementing the best remote access for your workforce can help. Aruba will put you at ease with seamless roaming, reliability and assured application performance to meet your toughest user & IoT requirements.
Cybercriminals Are Going Phishing While We Work From Home:
In just a few short weeks the number of phishing attacks targeting people working from home using COVID-19 themes has skyrocketed. Learn how to spot and defend against these attacks and those to come.
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Serving Up Security:
FBI Veteran and cybersecurity expert, James Morrison, is here to show you why you should be concerned about your cybersecurity. With today’s workforce going fully remote, cybersecurity is more important than ever – learn how James & HPE can help!
Schneider Electric APC
Increasing Uptime for Mission-Critical IT Environments & Facility Operations in Unprecedented Times:
Reduce your IT capex, mitigate risk, and increase your speed to market through APC power infrastructure solutions. Learn how building owners gain a better understanding of operating facilities in trying/low occupancy times as well as choosing technology to help “future proof” their buildings.
Workplace Health During COVID-19:
Not just a matter of when, but how will people safely return to work? Employees need to feel safe, healthy, and valued as companies eventually move them back into physical workplaces. Join us to learn how employers are leveraging occupancy data as they’re thinking about workplace reentry strategies.
Self-Start Your Remote World with Mitel:
Discover how you can stay connected and work seamlessly together, even when miles apart, through Mitel’s Unified Communications platform and features. With just a day’s notice, you too can self-start your remote world.
How to Manage Evidence in an Increasingly Private World:
Learn how to efficiently & responsibly manage your digital evidence by securely sharing and storing your data through one platform. Private collaboration within your organization, with law enforcement and attorneys.
Increasing Power Availability, Visibility, & Space Savings within the Healthcare Industry:
APC & DataVox partner to help customers reduce their IT capex, mitigate risk, and increase their speed to market through APC power infrastructure solutions. Our engineering & product specialist experts will guide Healthcare entities through an interactive, live video stream of APC’s Innovation Center in St. Louis.
Singlewire Software
Using Mass Communication in Rapidly Changing Conditions:
Mass notification leader Singlewire will talk about real life lessons learned during the pandemic, how you can communicate more effectively with remote workers when conditions change and how you can prepare now for what comes next – business reopening, hot spots, temporary closures and a return to normalcy.
The ‘New Normal’ of Workplace Collaboration:
How can organizations effectively and economically support the new blended workforce? Learn about integrated content collaboration and video conferencing solutions to fully support and engage both your onsite and remote workforce.
How to Maximize Fleet Efficiency with Samsara:
As fleet managers adapt to new market circumstances, it can be challenging to know how to operate in a new normal. Join our live webinar to learn how Samsara solutions can help fleets leverage advancements in sensors, cameras, and AI-powered analytics to navigate these uncertain times.
Stopping Breaches During & Beyond COVID-19:
In these uncertain times, it’s important to keep in mind crucial data protection obligations when implementing unconventional remote work programs that may require employees to leverage personal devices. Join for a discussion on how Falcon Complete can help secure your newly remote workforce. Giving you peace of mind now and in the future.
First Responder Signal Required For Large Buildings:
Learn how an emergency first responder system delivers crucial signal coverage for first responders two-way radio communications inside large buildings. Solutions that ensure emergency radio coverage will meet the IFC and NFPA code.
ID Agent Darkweb
The Dangers of the Dark Web:
Protect Your Data and Employees from the Dangers of the Dark Web by learning what it is and the steps and tools to prevent its attacks while working remotely. Learn about the various activities on the dark web, phishing attempts, and the dangers of virtual meetings.
The Power of Analytics: How to Protect Your Business When You Return to Work:
How to effectively use intelligent analytics and automation to help enhance your Business Security system. Topics covered include: Facial Recognition, Vehicle Search, Analytics, Alerts, and Capture Application.
Automated Performance Monitoring and Troubleshooting for Remote Locations:
Many times users are the first to tell you something is wrong on your network. You need to quickly identify what has failed or changed. Aruba’s UXI sensor monitors your network (24×7) with an easy to use dashboard. Don’t wait for that call – Join our webinar to learn more!
Secure SD-WAN:
During this webinar, hear how an integrated NGFW and SD-WAN offering can improve overall user experience while simplifying operations at the WAN Edge. Learn how to improve your business application experience and security posture for direct internet access while reducing your WAN and operational costs.
Get back to work & Kick your aging PBX to the Curb with ACO:
Learn why Avaya Cloud Office by Ring Central is the cloud communications product the market has been waiting for.  A hassle-free, secure and reliable communications platform that enables employees to call, chat, collaborate and access business apps on any device, anywhere!
Workplace Healthy & Safety: Return to Work Solutions:
Learn how to safely transition your company back to a physical workspace and combat COVID-19 exposure. In this webinar, discover the technologies that can keep your employees safe by maintaining social distancing while staying productive throughout the work day.
Cisco Cohesity
Consolidate and Control Your Data with the Unbeatable Combo:
Join this session to learn how Cisco and Cohesity have come together to consolidate enterprise file services workloads on a single platform from Core, to Edge, to the Cloud, and how to seamlessly control your Data wherever you need it!
Total IoT Visibility & Security with Ordr & Cisco ISE:
In this webinar, hear about the challenges of unmanaged and IoT device security and how Ordr Systems Control Engine goes beyond Netflow and IPFIX to inventory these devices, asses their risks and secure vulnerable devices. Learn about the benefits of using Ordr with Cisco ISE to dramatically simplify and accelerate your deployments.
Protecting Your Digital Identity with Multi Factor Authentication:
With the changes in the way we work from day to day, how can we confirm employees are using their personal or corporate devices? In this webinar, learn how organizations of all sizes need to protect sensitive data at scale and why Duo is the user-friendly zero-trust security platform for all users, all devices and all applications.
A Talos Look into Today’s Threat Landscape:
The security news is filled with numerous articles about how the Threat Landscape has dramatically changed in our new COVID-19 environment, but how real are these claims. Using our massive threat visibility, Talos has been researching the current Threat Landscape to assess the actual attacks that our customers are seeing and how the current threat landscape has potentially changed during this crisis.
Zero-Trust Framework for WordFORCE:
Protect your users and their devices against stolen credentials, phishing and other identity-based attacks. Verify users’ identities and establish device trust before gathering access to applications. Learn more about how Duo Security verifies users with Multi-factor Authentication, giving you device visibility and establish trust with end point health.
Zero-Trust Framework for WorkPLACE:
Software-Define Access helps you gain insight into users devices, identify threats and maintain control over all connections across your network, including IoT devices. Learn about how Software-Define Access grants the right level of network access to users and devices with network authentication and authorization.
Secure your hybrid, multi-cloud workloads and contain lateral movement with application segmentation. Get complete visibility and determine dependencies within databases and applications. Learn more about Tetration and how it gives you visibility into what’s running and what’s critical by identifying workloads and enforcing policies.
What is Cyber Security Incident Response?
Listen to the recording below to learn more.
The Future of Physical Security with Verkada:
In this webinar, we will demonstrate how to deploy AI-enabled, cloud-based video surveillance so simple and scalable that it works for everyone at your organization.
Best Practices for a Healthy Space:
Learn how to use technology to promote social distancing and how occupancy level data can benefit your business in the wake of COVID-19 and how a people counting solution can keep you and your employees healthy and safe without compromising privacy.
Providing Mass IP Notification:
When emergency situations occur in our communities, the ability to alert and provide pertinent information to citizens, First Responders and government employees is crucial. Learn about Valcom’s Mass Notification System and how it can help you keep your employees and customers informed.
Singlewire Software
Integrate Informacast & Microsoft Teams for Comprehensive Emergency Notification and Incident Management:
Learn more about Informacast on Teams and how DataVox can integrate these technologies to deliver a best of breed emergency notification solution for your employees, customers and other company stakeholders.