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6 Ways Genetec Helps Ensure High Availability and Offer a Peace of Mind



Let’s face it…without access to live or recorded video and data, a security system is essentially useless. This is why more and more customers are demanding 99.9% reliability in their security installations, and why the channel network is relying on cutting-edge features to ensure this reliability.


Genetec’s Security Center unified security platform provides high availability and offers peace of mind in the following six ways:


1. Failover Directory and Load Balancing

The built-in Failover Directory solution of Security Center can provide hot standby and load balancing simultaneously, with up to five failover directories. Each Directory is continually up and running and can accept client connections to load balance the system. The user doesn’t have to worry about which Directory to connect to as the system will use the least-busy Directory and make sure system information and configuration are synchronized across all databases.


2. Uninterrupted Video Streaming

In the eventually that all Directories become unavailable, the client will lose its connection to the system and thus won’t have the ability to execute new actions and commands on the system. While in this degraded mode, the uninterrupted video streaming feature of Security Center will preserve access to live video streaming so the user can keep an eye on the cameras even if the system is partially interrupted.


3. Failover and Redundant Archiving

If the primary Archiver becomes unavailable, the standby Archiver will automatically begin recording the video. To minimize video recording loss, the standby Archiver is already connected to the cameras which ensures that recording and live streaming is recovered in a matter of seconds. To completely eliminate any loss of recording, redundant Archiving can be activated so that the standby Archiver also records the cameras on the same schedule. Different scenarios are supported with Security Center for maximum flexibility in system design.


4. Auxiliary Archiving

The concept behind the Auxiliary Archiver is to provide a copy of the video recording using a different quality, recording schedule, and retention time. The Auxiliary Archiver is in many scenarios the perfect companion of the Archiver.


5. Video Trickling and Edge Recording

By leveraging the edge recording capabilities of certain cameras (e.g., SD cards, NAS), it is possible with Security Center to use each camera as a mini-recorder. The benefit of this solution is to eliminate the need for the cameras to continuously stream to a central archiver. Instead, video can be transferred based on schedule, on event or manually.


6. Support for Off-The-Shelf Solutions

To support existing IT practices and procedures in some organizations, Security Center supports Windows and NEC clustering solutions and can be deployed in virtual environments such as VMware® ESX/ESXi.


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