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Emergency Response

In times of emergency when an invader enters your facility, every second counts. When this happens, relying on a quick and intuitive Emergency Response Solution is absolutely imperative. DataVox’s technologies are designed to act fast in issuing alerts and our smart technology products integrate into your current system seamlessly to ensure your facility and valuables are always guarded.


In an emergency, the need is immediate. Whether it’s remote outdoor areas, parking lots, or other areas, protect yourself and your employees with a highly visible emergency communication system to keep everyone safe.


DataVox’s intercom systems offer advanced digital communication for security, safety, and access control applications.

IP Paging

IP Paging Systems allow you to instantly communicate with your employees and notify them fast with up-to-date emergency message notifications across your entire facility. Essential for every business, IP Paging Systems can increase safety and security.

Mass Notification

Organizations need to be ready and prepared at a moment’s notice for critical emergencies and have a flexible way to communicate quickly to their entire team. Mass notification systems enable companies to send notifications to individuals or groups to keep them informed before, during, and after critical events.


Protect your valuable assets, people, and property 24/7 with DataVox’s proactive solutions. With an effective system as a part of your security strategy, you’ll have the right technology in place to handle situations when they arise.


Security servers and storage units are not only a crucial part of any business but also a fundamental part of any video surveillance plan. With the immense amount of data filtered through servers, security storage units are necessary to provide data backup and reliable protection for your company no matter the size.



Technology Design process

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