data center

Driven by customer success, DataVox provides customers with best-of-breed data center solutions to businesses of all sizes.  As technology continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace, companies require reliable, secure, and efficient data center infrastructure to support their needs. DataVox offers a wide range of products and services designed to meet these demands, including hybrid-cloud, compute, storage, data protection and cloud-based solutions. With years of experience in the industry and a team of highly trained professionals, we are committed to delivering solutions that meet our clients’ unique needs as well as maintaining world-class customer satisfaction. Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing infrastructure or build a new data center from the ground up, we have the expertise and resources to help you succeed.


DataVox is a leading reseller of compute solutions, providing our customers with best-in-class technology to optimize their computing needs. With more than 35 years of experience in the industry, we are dedicated to working side-by-side with our customers to identify their specific requirements and provide customized solutions that meet their goals and budget.


Modeled around the OPEX offerings provided by hyper-scaler providers, consumption-based solutions help customers avoid overprovisioning, quickly flex to increasing or decreasing demands and virtually eliminate supply-chain concerns.  DataVox can provide customers with a simple, consumption-based solution that can address key causes of overprovisioning and low utilization rates as well as reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Data protection, backup and disaster recovery

Businesses must evolve their data protection and disaster recovery solutions to meet the increased threats to business data and company up-time. DataVox works with customers to design business continuity and data protection solutions that meet the unique business needs of our customers.  Whether you need real-time/instant recovery or virtual air-gapped solutions, DataVox can provide solutions that meet those specific requirements and meet your goals and budget.

Hybrid Cloud

All-In strategies don’t work for every customer.  Cloud-based solutions are over a decade old and customer’s are looking to repatriate latency-sensitive, high-transactional/high-cost workloads back on-premise as hybrid-cloud solutions have evolved to be powerful but simple to maintain and update.  DataVox can help organizations take advantage of the benefits of both public and private clouds, such as scalability, cost-effectiveness, and data security, while avoiding the limitations and challenges of using either exclusively.


DataVox has build strategic partnerships with leading hyperconverged vendors which allows us to offer solutions that meet the needs of our clients of any size. We provide consultation, design, implementation, and ongoing support services to help our customers deploy and manage HCI solutions.


We offer a wide range of storage products, including storage arrays, backup and recovery solutions, network-attached storage, and storage management software. Our products are designed to meet the specific needs of our clients, whether they require high-performance storage for mission-critical applications or cost-effective storage for archiving and data retention.

Virtual Desktop

 Enable your workforce to work from anywhere, access applications world-wide, and provide greater flexibility as well as improved data security and compliance. Certified in delivering the leading cloud-based and on-premise Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions, DataVox can customize VDI solutions to fit your business needs. We can help you assess your requirements, choose the right solution, and manage the deployment and ongoing support of your VDI environment.