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mission critical

Motorola Solutions business-critical ecosystem helps your essential enterprise secure your people, protect their property, and streamline operations. You can manage your security operations from a single platform, use artificial intelligence to automate appropriate workflows and empower your team to make better, more informed decisions. Solutions for any industry.

Business & Commercial Two-Way Radio Systems

Stay safe and connected with the most advanced and reliable land mobile radios. Ensure staff is always connected with easy-to-use, lightweight two-way radios. Designed to enable quick, discreet, and efficient communication for businesses of all sizes. Most comprehensive portfolio of digital products and the industry’s largest collection of data applications such as MOTOTRBO, APX & ASTRO P25 and CBRS & LTE.

Safety Reimagined

Motorola Solutions has reimagined how safety is delivered by developing the first and only solution that unifies voice, video, data, and analytics in a single platform.

Technology Design process

Meet, Consult, and Understand

Research, Determine, and Recommend

Navigate, Customize, and Implement