Workplace Health
& Safety Solutions

DataVox offers Workplace Heath & Safety solutions to help transition your company back to a physical workspace and combat COVID-19 exposure. Keep your employees safe with a range of technologies designed to maintain social distancing while keeping your workforce productive.


Quickly identify, locate, and contact someone who may be positive, or who may have been around an individual that tested positive for COVID-19 in your work environment.


Hands-free, contact-less solutions for the new normal. Reduce the need to contact common areas with QR code solutions so your business can prepare to safeguard during and beyond a COVID-19 pandemic.


DataVox offers Indoor Air Quality monitoring solutions to promote the health and wellness of your employees. Build custom design spaces and choose from a full suite of sensors to track data for temperature, humidity, CO2 and more.


Social distancing is going to affect how your company does business. Utilize DataVox people counting solutions to track the number of employees and visitors in your physical workplace.

Self Assessment Screening Tool

With Luminare’s Quickscreen solution, you can give your company the ability to rapidly and accurately screen employees, vendors, and visitors for COVID-19. Protect your business and give visitors peace of mind.


Implement screening protocols for all employees and visitors with quick and effective thermal readings. DataVox offers thermal imaging solutions to identify individuals with elevated temperature.

Datavox Thermal Imaging Solutions on the News

DataVox thermal imaging solutions were featured as a top story on KHOU as a technology to help businesses return to their physical workspaces safely. Click the link to learn how DataVox is putting the safety of employees first.

DataVox Technology Design Process

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