security systems

DataVox’s Security System keeps people and property safe. It is our top priority for every type of entity: small and large businesses, healthcare facilities, non-profit, K-12, and Higher Education. The security industry has evolved and new technology is being deployed. Technologies such as smart card technology, sensor technology, and cloud technology are allowing people to be more efficient with resources, open new business possibilities, and give people better insight into their every day business.



Analytics allow cameras to recognize people, objects, and situations automatically. Intelligent, advanced video analytics can capture real-time, accurate information for decision making and help reduce risk.

Cloud Technology

Access your security system from anywhere, anytime, and from any device, being ready to react quickly to security incidents. A cloud-based interface is used to help the user manage doors, locks, and other aspects of physical security from a simple web or mobile dashboard, while leaving the heavy-duty IT support to physical security specialists.

Cyber Security

Security Design Development can help your organization develop a strategy, plan, and design for integrating a new security solution into your core network infrastructure. With this service, DataVox’s cyber security experts can help your organization develop a customized cyber security design that provides multi-layer defense against security threats, shortens implementation times, and smooths migration associated with deploying a new security solution.

Facial Recognition

Deep learning Facial Recognition software and cameras can identify faces that are difficult to recognize with standard video surveillance.

Smart Card Technology

Hands-Free Access Control. Simple to use and perfect for a new install or an upgrade to any legacy system already in place. Utilize smart card technology for your access control requirements and eliminate pin codes, reader vandalism and cloning.


Integrate your video surveillance, access control, and license plate systems into an easy-to-use single user interface to simplify your operations and increase productivity. Having an all-in-one solution can minimize your overall IT infrastructure cost and reduce your total cost of ownership.

Smart building technology benefits

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Predictive Maintenance

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