Microsoft Cloud Solutions can provide a comprehensive set of tools and services for securing data centers. These solutions can offer complete control over applications, streamlined collaboration, rapid backup, and enhanced security protection. With Microsoft Cloud Solutions, businesses can benefit from the latest security technologies and tools that help protect data from cyber threats and vulnerabilities.


Data centers are essential assets for businesses that need to store, process, and manage large volumes of data. Protecting these assets is critical for maintaining the continuity of business operations and safeguarding sensitive information.


DataVox can help businesses secure their data centers with Microsoft Cloud Solutions by assessing their needs, recommending the most appropriate solutions, and providing ongoing management and support. This can include designing and implementing security protocols, managing access controls, and providing backup and disaster recovery services. By working with DataVox and leveraging Microsoft Cloud Solutions, businesses can have peace of mind knowing that their data centers are secure and protected.


Moving components of your legacy data center to the cloud is a complex and time consuming process. DataVox will assess your usage and recommend the best and most cost-effective way to migrate to Azure.


Put your users in control. Launch multi-session Windows 10 from any end-user device, prevent exfiltration of your company’s data, and migrate fileshares to the cloud with Office 365.


Manage and secure employee personal/company issued devices under one umbrella and protect your organization’s private data with Azure Information Protection.


microsoft TEAMS

Meet and collaborate with your team both in-office or remote with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Surface hardware. Manage meetings with multiple users, on multiple devices, securely.

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