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Smart Building Technologies Lunch and Learn

Join DataVox on March 7th for our Smart Building Technologies Lunch and Learn at our Houston Corporate Office! Held from 11:30am – 2:00pm, DataVox will be hosting this exciting event and showcasing the latest technologies in the Physical Security industry from our partners: Genetec, Panasonic, Schneider Electric, Platformatics, All Traffic Solutions, and OpenPath.


About Smart Building Technologies:
Smart Building Technologies from DataVox offers six unique, core solutions: Intelligent Lighting, Smart Parking Technology, Building Automation, Mobility, Security Systems and IoT Solutions. With this solution, businesses will be able to connect IoT devices, collaborate, analyze, and use real-time intelligence with IoT applications to be more efficient, comfortable and easier to manage. By upgrading your facility with this cost-effective and quick installation offering, your business will be empowered with a single easy-to-use interface that will manage data analytics anywhere, anytime.


About the Event:
To learn more about our Smart Building Technologies Lunch and Learn and information on how to register, please visit www.datavox.net/smart-building-technology-lunch-learn-registration/ (no longer available).