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Benefits of IP Telephony and Unified Communications




If you have been thinking about upgrading your telephone system, IP telephony and Unified Communications can reinvent the way your business functions.


IP Telephony enable businesses to become “portable” uniting an organization’s many locations, including their mobile workers, into a single, converged, communications network.


Your business will now be able to link multiple locations as if they are one, allowing you to enjoy seamless communication between branch offices. Your entire staff, regardless of their location, can be contacted simply and cost effectively by dialing an extension. Calls can also be transferred easily between offices.


VoIP technology can route incoming office calls to a mobile device. This is beneficial for connecting remote offices and remote workers working from home. Employees can also make and receive calls on their laptop with an internet connection, using the same office direct-dial phone number. Plus, with text-to-speech capability and Microsoft Outlook, your employees can even listen to their email messages and receive voicemail to email.


Using VoIP technology gives businesses more flexibility and greater response times, which in turn amounts to a higher rate of customer satisfaction and increased productivity throughout your entire organization.


At DataVox, we offer a wide variety of IP phones by both industry leaders Cisco and Avaya. We have plenty of options to accommodate your business and fit your needs whether you have a small, mid-sized or enterprise size business.


DataVox Small Business Solutions

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DataVox Enterprise Business Solutions


Have you ever missed an important call because they called your office number instead of your mobile number? With the integration of Unified Communications, you can connect your personal communication devices together so that they can share information with each other. This allows you to work more productively and efficiently because you can have access to the information you need whenever and wherever you need it.


  • Employees have a single phone number that follows them regardless of device or location.
  • Voicemails, e-mails, and faxes, in one consolidated message box.
  • Save time and control costs.


“Presence” is a key component of Unified Communications, it allows you to know where intended recipients are, and if they are available, in real time. Unified Communications integrates all systems a user might already use, and helps those systems work together in real time. For example, two users could collaborate together on a project, even if the two users are in separate locations. The user could quickly locate the necessary person by accessing an interactive directory, engage in a text messaging session, and then escalate the session to a voice call, or even a video call.


A DataVox Communications Consultant can help you build a customized Unified Communications system to meet the specific size and needs of your particular organization. Come see the DataVox Difference for yourself!