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How to Mobilize your Business with Avaya’s Mobile Collaboration Solution



Do you want to give your employees the tools they need to be more effective and productive, anywhere, on any device?


At DataVox we know how important it is for a business to stay close to their customers and focus on what really matters. And in today’s fast-paced world the key is mobility; the ability to do work from anywhere. The new mobile environment is driving new standards for anytime, anywhere customer service. With the use of Avaya Mobile Collaboration Solution all of your communication needs will be taken care of. It is designed especially for the new realities of today’s business environment, delivering a full range of communication capabilities (voice, data, video etc…) in a single, fully integrated solution.


Allow DataVox to show you how we can connect your business needs to our solutions. If you are interested in finding out more details, contact us today.


The Avaya Mobile Collaboration Solution guarantees:


  • Faster Collaboration: supporting employees with seamless communications and information sharing.
  • Smarter decisions: delivering the right information to the right people on the right device at the right time.
  • Better business: providing the tools that enhance productivity and efficiency throughout your business.
  • Streamlining operations and reducing costs: With so many mobility options available today, growing businesses are often spending on things they don’t need or that don’t work together- Avoid the hassle with one product!


By having Avaya Mobile Collaboration software on any device makes it simple to move from smartphone to PC, and to utilize voice or instant message. Your employees get the tools they need to keep the conversation going. In return, your business benefits from the seamless communication that makes you overall more flexible, responsive and more profitable.


When you maximize employee connectivity you get rid of the common missed calls and lost e-mails that ultimately turn into lost sales. This software allows a call to ring simultaneously on multiple phones at one time (a mobile phone and a desk phone for instance) and upon doing so keeps sales and service people in touch. “Presence”, a feature which provides at-a-glance information about who in your organization is available and how to quickly reach them, also serves a large role in keeping the lines of communication open throughout your organization.


Avaya Mobile Collaboration Solution


Want to lower your costs? The Avaya Mobile Collaboration solution is the right choice for your bottom line:


Reduced mobile device minutes: Route calls to and from your cell phone through the office and over WiFi.
Conference calling: Make everyday conference calls affordable and practical without using outside conferencing services.
Real estate: Get the flexibility to have extra staff working from home or hire ideally-qualified employees without requiring a commute or additional space in your office.
Lower long-distance bills: Get options for better routing of calls between office locations and over broadband links.
Administration: Manage and administer all systems without the need for outside service technicians.


Making the right choices in mobile collaboration is also important. As a certified Avaya Gold Partner, DataVox has plenty to choose from. We offer flexible purchase and deployment choices according to your business size, budget goals and employee’s needs.  We have all the mobile capabilities you need, consolidated and available for a single user fee. To learn more, contact us today!