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Cisco Meraki Cloud Network

Cisco has once again taken the technology world by storm. In November of 2012, the technology giant acquired the cloud infrastructure startup, Meraki. The acquisition will help Cisco help you- providing software solutions to allow mobile workforces.


Meraki was developed by three MIT students in 2006 as a research project. The design premise behind Meraki is to provide mid to large-size companies and organizations with “on premise mesh Wi-Fi networking and security devices plus the software to manage them.” According to an article by Tech Crunch, Meraki was purchased by Cisco for $1.2 billion. As part of the acquisition, the culture and environment fostered by Meraki in San Francisco will be preserved, as the corporation becomes a “Cloud Networking Group” of Cisco.Cisco Acquires Meraki

The acquisition of Meraki assists Cisco in their mission to simplify network management through “software-centric” solutions. Meraki technology simplifies network management, eliminates the need for a detailed and cumbersome IT department, and makes running an “affordable” cloud network possible. Further, Meraki is “designed to help businesses adapt as their employees increasingly access corporate networks from smart phones and tablets.”


Meraki’s wireless offerings managed from the cloud include: switching, security, and device management – all which work together to simplify network initiatives. Additionally, the integrated cloud structure allows Meraki customers to cut costs in half. Cisco’s strides to improve cloud networking did not stop at the acquisition; “Within Cisco, Meraki is increasing investments in R & D to develop next-generation cloud networking products.”


Meraki Network


Within the Meraki technology there are a variety of product families- Cloud Managed 802.11n Wireless LAN, Cloud Managed Access Switches, Cloud Managed Security Appliances, and Cloud Managed Security Appliances. All four product families are designed to simplify your networking structure.


– The Cloud Managed 802.11n Wireless:

  • Indoor and outdoor access point models
  • Ultra-high performance, up to 900 Mb/s
  • Integrated wireless security & guest access
  • Cloud-based management eliminates costly, complex controller hardware
  • Ideal for high-density campuses, branches, teleworkers, and rugged/ outdoor environments


–  Cloud Managed Access Switches:

  • 24 and 48 port GbE models with PoE available on all ports
  • Centrally managed with monitoring and alerts
  • Ultra-reliable, includes a lifetime warranty
  • Optimized for voice and video traffic


– Cloud Managed Security Appliances:

  • Complete networking, security and application control
  • Centrally managed through the cloud
  • Includes WAN optimization, VPN, firewall, & branch routing
  • Six models scale from small branches to campuses


– Cloud Based Mobile Device Management

  • Centrally manage mobile devices, Macs and PCs
  • Push apps to any number of devices
  • Enforce restrictions and security policies
  •  Monitor device status and inventory


Additionally, the cloud management architecture of Meraki is secure, scalable, and reliable, and it includes cloud based centralized management and an intuitive browser-based dashboard.


The benefits of Meraki do not end with product families and cloud architecture; Meraki has also developed featured solutions from high density WiFi and branch networking to Campus Edge and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).


Cisco’s acquisition of Meraki has not quelled the startup’s technological innovation; rather, Meraki’s innovative prowess has been fueled by the technology superpower, Cisco. The future is extremely promising for Meraki as a part of Cisco and additional groundbreaking cloud infrastructure services and products are expected.