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The cloud-based video monitoring system for small and mid-size businesses is here. Microsoft has joined forces with Genetec in the development of an affordable and high-end security application. For 15 years Genetec has been the leader in unified IP-based security solutions.


Stratocast logo

In the present technology industry, simplicity is an ever-present theme and Stratocast is no exception to the rule. The VMS system was developed with simplicity in mind. According to Stratocast, a keen emphasis was placed “on designing an ultra-modern UI that will engage business owners and is simple enough to start using in no time.” Additionally, collaboration with Microsoft and Axis increases ease and simplicity by facilitating deployment. Through the Windows Azure data centers platform, services can be utilized “without the need for dedicated servers or storage,” reducing traditional costs and installation commitments. Genetec overcame the standard obstacles of network video adoption to provide capabilities not found in analog solutions. Stratocast services can be accessed from anywhere, because data centers are scattered in major geographic regions across the globe.


Stratocast - Interface Design


Stratocast’s points of interest include Axis cameras, video trickling, intelligent video management, HD video monitoring and most notably Cloud Federation capabilities. In accordance with these product features, customers can connect to their business and monitor safety and security specifications.


The configuration of 40 models of Axis cameras is simplified through one-click functionality. Additionally, bandwidth is reduced through video trickling and feeds can be recorded on a device and then “transferred to the cloud on-demand.” Stratocast’s management capacities include video camera monitoring, recording playback, and zoom-in/out options. By upgrading from analog to megapixel HD cameras, users can clearly view recorded feeds of incidents.  Lastly, the Cloud Federation will allow customers to “federate and centrally” manage Stratocast deployments through current control centers- eliminating additional hardware or monitoring personnel and the associated costs.

Stratocast - Connect to your business

Enhance the technology and monitoring system of your small or mid- size business with Stratocast and take your VMS to the cloud.