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The World of Audio/Visual Through DataVox

A variety of A/V products and services are offered by DataVox to best serve you and your business needs. With DataVox your optimal, digital A/V network can be designed and executed through the implementation of manufacturer leading technologies.


A/V technologies offered by DataVox include: Cisco telepresence; Cisco switching and routing; Biamp Audio Solutions; projectors, monitors, and screens; racks and furnishings, and Crestron and Extron Control Solutions.


The world of digital media is continually evolving; 4k displays, Shure Wireless Microphones, and Crestron Digital Media are a few recent developments. With a vast array of A/V offerings it is difficult to initially grasp the scope and advantages of such technology. Let’s begin by honing in on two, specific solutions- Crestron and Barco.


Crestron, has been paving the way for digital media solutions since 2009. Over 13,000 organizations and corporations have turned to Crestron for digital audio/visual solutions. Crestron offers a wide variety of products including: “transmitters, wall plates, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI and DSP input/output cards, receivers with a built-in power amplifier and scaler, fiber solutions and other integrated products.”




At InfoComm 2013, Crestron announced new advances. The first improvement implemented by Crestron is that Matrix Switchers are now 4k compatible and can stream outputs- eliminating distance limitations. Additionally, improved blade technology increases space efficiency. The 64 x 64 model occupies the same amount of space as the previous, 32 x 32 model. The soon to be released 128 x 128 model will include instant switching between HDMI and HD sources. Further, Crestron is the only solution provider capable of offering H.264 video in every switcher.


InfoComm 2013


Barco, another digital A/V solution provider, was also present at InfoComm 2013. The digital A/V solutions of Barco are geared toward the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) sensation. According to an article by Rave Publications, “BYOD collaboration in the corporate and education markets is becoming a mainstream force, which is likely to spill over into additional ProAV sectors soon.” With corporate reach in more than 90 countries, Barco submerses markets with “user-friendly imaging products that optimize productivity and business efficiency.”


DataVox is a proud provider of two Barco products- ClickShare and Projection Design. In April 2012, Barco released ClickShare- a revolutionary approach to the standard meeting room. ClickShare integrates 4 USB-devices or “ClickShare Buttons”, a storage basket or “ClickShare Tray,” and a Base Unit which connects to the meeting room’s visualization system and handles all processing needs. The ClickShare Buttons allow connected users to wirelessly transfer their presentation to the large visualization system. Additionally, ClickShare allows up to four meeting attendees to place content on the projection screen- encouraging active participation. Barco’s other featured product, Projection Design, offers a series of high performance projectors and supporting systems. Projection Design performs superbly and boasts an incredible ability to blend images. Additionally, Projection Design products are easy to maintain and recalibrate.


DataVox is proud to report a 100% A/V growth rate each year. Additionally, DataVox boasts 5 CTS certified employees, an audio visual engineer, and 6 Crestron DMC-D certified employees.