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Cisco Catalyst 6800 Switch

Technology is constantly evolving, and network switches are no exception.  IT developers seek to keep pace with trends and prolong the life of technology. Recently, Cisco released the 6800 Switch, and it is undoubtedly a wise investment. The 6800 Switch was developed to meet the needs of expanding networks while offering the best in scalability and flexibility. The 6800 provides slot capacity up to 880 G and incorporates operations by Cisco Catalyst Instant Access Solutions- a solution that “simplifies campus or large branch network deployment and operations.” These amenities allow customers to focus on what is really important- business innovation and improvement.


According to a Cisco, there will be 19 billion network devices by 2016. “Networks must be capable of scaling well beyond the needs of today to deal with the traffic of tomorrow while at the same time providing investment protection.” The reality is businesses depend on reliable network infrastructure to unify campus services and operations and with the 6800 Switch the ability to build upon trusted and developed technology is possible.  Features of the 6800 Switch are compatible with those of the 6500 series; users can rest assured knowing that the 6800 is immediately functional due to its adaptability and consistency with the architecture of the 6500.

Cisco 6800 Series

Cisco’s newest switch incorporates a 40G/100G-ready platform which is perfect for companies who want to “introduce premium 10G services in small or midsize campus backbones.” Additionally, the 6800 offers 10G port density, a full suite of L2/L3, full MPLS/VPLS functionality, virtualization, security, multicast, application visibility, smart operations, IPV6, and rich media services.


A few product specifications make the 6800 Switch unique and capable of providing the “best-in-class Cisco Catalyst 6500 feature set in a small form factor.”


  • Scalability: The 6800 Switch allows your campus to elevate its functioning to the highest-density 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports, higher slot and switching capacity, and 10/40/100 Gigabit Ethernet services.
  •  Unified Access: The 6800 Switch was built to simplify Cisco initiatives, such as centralized management with the Cisco Prime infrastructure, roaming and device mobility with the Cisco Campus Locator/ID Separation Protocol, and many more.
  • Simplicity:  One of the main intentions behind the development of the 6800 Switch was to simplify the network. This prerogative has been met by: integration with Cisco Prime Infrastructure and support of the Catalyst Instant Access solution and Smart Operations features.
  • Programmability: The 6800 Series supports the OpenFlow interface and the Cisco One Platform Kit. Both applications improve the programming and operational elements of operations and services throughout networks and campuses.
  • Security:The safety of network security also rests in the trusted hands of Cisco. Wired, wireless, and VPN security are provided through Cisco Trust Sec and support is handled by Cisco AnyConnect.
  • Investment protection: As previously highlighted, the operations of the 6800 Series are highly compatible with the 6500 series and the new switch can be effective immediately. Cisco’s newest innovation is certainly an opportunity difficult to overlook!


Cisco never ceases to amaze us with their unwavering production of the latest and greatest innovations! We are certain that the Catalyst 6800 Switch will not disappoint.

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