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Bring Your Own Device with IP Office Power User

As a global leader in business communications, Avaya repeatedly delivers innovative solutions to improve the operations of your business. IP Office Power User is the ultimate resource for connectivity. Avaya developed this uniquely flexible communication software to unify communications and elevate levels of productivity and efficiency. With the Power User License your extension and One-X Portal can run on your cell phone, iPad, Windows Device, laptop. Now, users never have to worry about missing a client’s call or losing track of an important message.


IP Office Power User

Power User offers top of the line capabilities that are sure to entice the industry’s elite. IP Office Power User promotes the highest levels of corporate execution by allowing users to:


  • Manage office calls from a mobile device- Through Power User, office phone numbers can be linked to any other phone and trigger all devices to ring simultaneously- eliminating missed calls. Additionally, conference calls can be created and managed from your mobile phone.
  •  Control calls from a laptop- With the help of an internet connection and Power User, a laptop can serve as a fully-capable office phone with a user-friendly PC interface.
  •  Email text-to-speech- Users can receive email messages without smart phone or laptop access by having messages read over the phone with the text-to-speech capability.
  • Unified messaging- Power User facilitates the synchronization of voicemail and email mailboxes for efficient and immediate access to information via a web-browser.
  • Message notification- Users are automatically alerted of new messages and can access and respond to them from any phone.
  • Host conference calls- This unique capability serves cost-effective collaboration by allowing users to set-up, secure, or host (up to) 64-party conference calls.


The capabilities are remarkable and the benefits further support this wise investment. The benefits of IP Office Power User are focused around 4 key elements of business success:


  • Productivity- Business functions never have to slow down with Power User. The software allows users to remain productive and connected at essentially any place and time.
  • Bottom Line- Customer service will soar alongside faster operations and execution, increasing your bottom line.
  • Reduced Costs- Power User software was designed to reduce costs while delivering innovative capabilities by combining readily used telecommunications features, such as teleconferencing.
  • Responsiveness- Employees and executives will never miss a beat. The non-stop connectivity of the Power User software makes users increasingly responsive to clients and coworkers.


Through the integration of IP Office software small businesses can transition from basic telephony to sophisticate unified communications.  Take your small business to the pinnacle of efficiency and effectiveness with IP Office Power User by Avaya.