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A Surveillance Camera in Every Business, On Every Street Corner?

Video surveillance and security in general has become a thriving market. In almost every major business in America today, you can find a security camera system or some type of video surveillance technology in place.


If you think about it, the market for surveillance is huge. There will always be thieves and there will always be vandals. That is why there will always be new security cameras and advanced security technology being developed to contest against the ever-evolving ways of crime that people come up with.


How many businesses actually use surveillance technology though? That number will never be exact as it is always growing and changing. And as a result, more and more businesses are seeing the importance of having video surveillance technology in place.


That’s why at DataVox we truly understand this market.


We believe in its importance so much that we have a Physical Security Department dedicated to taking care of the needs of these businesses at the core level. You can rest assured knowing that our highly trained and certified team will not only put a flawless design together for you but configure and install for a start to finish, turnkey solution.




While keeping your place of business safe should come as common sense to just about everyone, this is not always the case. There will always be business owners that might view a physical security implementation as either too expensive or too invasive. There are too many pros that outweigh the cons in terms of that particular thought process. Both employees and customers alike want to feel that they are in a safe environment. It deters vandals and theft from both outsiders and employees alike. You will find security cameras in fast food restaurants, retail stores, car dealerships, police stations, and hospitals, the list goes on and on. There is clearly a reason for this. It’s all about monitoring and safety for everyone within the facility.


Although there may always be that looming fear of “is big brother watching?”, but then again, the main purpose of the cameras is to monitor for crimes and keep people and products safe. There are still companies today that do not utilize security cameras or any real type of surveillance equipment other than a bell on the door when you come in. That being said, not every business, home, or street corner is connected to a CCTV grid, and that makes those areas targets for vandalism, theft, and other crimes.


The bullet camera for instance, with its naturally small and sleek design, has always been one of the go-to cameras in just about every security camera system. They’re easy to maneuver and easy to hide. The Axis line comes equipped with IR capabilities that monitor in the darkest of areas.


Sure, the idea of having security cameras everywhere may be a scary thought, because you never know who is on the receiving end of those feeds. But all “big brother” thoughts aside, one cannot deny the endless applications that come with the use of security cameras and surveillance technology. It is all in attempts to create a safer environment, lowering crime, and most importantly keeping your business and assets protected.


Implementing security cameras will provide a large return on your investment overtime. If you are interested in taking the next step towards securing your business, keep the DataVox name in mind. We would love to secure your business. Get in touch with one of our Security Experts today (713) 881-7407.