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Axis Q37 Features

Axis Q37 in airport

Smooth panoramic view

With a 180 degree overview, the AXIS Q37 cameras can provide situational awareness over large areas. Day/night functionality give unparalleled video streaming performance so you never have to sacrifice quality.

Outdoor protected

With easily repaintable and removable weather shield that protects against rain, snow and sunlight the camera can easily blend in with the environment.

AXIS Q3708-PVE Network Camera

180-degree overview in challenging light conditions

AXIS Q3708-PVE is a fixed dome with multiple sensors, providing an easy, reliable and cost-efficient one-camera installation.

Capture movements of up to 30 fps in 3 x Quad HD or 20 fps in 3×5 MP resolution.

AXIS Q3709-PVE Network Camera

Multi-sensor, multi-megapixel – 180 degree overview. One camera.

This fixed dome camera provides a broad overview with great detail, giving you a smooth capture of movements at up to 30 fps in 3 x 4K or 20 fps in 33 MP resolution.

With a wide operating temperature range, this camera is outdoor-ready.

Axis Q37 Comparison