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Confidentiality, productivity and comfort for your office spaces

Sound masking is low level background noise that masks human speech, so people can focus and be more productive, increase performance, and feel more comfortable. The added sound reduces the intelligibility of human speech, which in turn, reduces workplace distractions and increases productivity while keeping speech private. While sound masking does not completely eliminate all noises within an environment, it significantly reduces the area which human speech is intelligible and distracting. Cambridge sound masking can be tailored to meet the needs of any industry setting, whether healthcare, corporate, education or government.


Offers a completely scalable solution that’s suitable for any size space

Modules can be networked for easy control and system integration

Delivers uniform Sound Masking by projecting sound from the ceiling

Can be installed in existing space and hard ceilings

Why Do You Need Sound Masking?

Open Floor Plans are the New Normal

Most workplaces today feature more open spaces and smaller, and often shared, workstations. Less sound absorptive materials are being used, creating acoustical challenges that negatively impact workplace satisfaction, productivity, and speech privacy.

Lack of Speech Privacy is the Number One Concern of Employees

Speech privacy is the inability of an unintended listener to understand outside conversations. So someone with a lack of speech privacy is overhearing lots of conversations they shouldn’t be and is also concerned that their conversation is being overheard by others.

Distractions Reduces Productivity & Costs Companies Money

Studies found that on average employees wasted 21.5 minutes per day due to conversational distractions, making lack of speech privacy the number one cause of reduced productivity. This loss of productivity adds up to big monetary losses for companies.

Sound Masking Protects Confidentiality and Reduces Liability

Providing speech privacy is often encouraged, or outright mandated, by the legal and regulatory environment.

Solving the Noise Problem

The QtPro™ Sound Masking System


The patented QtPro system is a cost-effective solution to protecting speech privacy and reducing distractions. The QtPro system is designed to meet the unique acoustic requirements of a space, whether large or small.