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Gunshot Detection & Lockdown System

Protect lives and dramatically reduce incident response time in the case of an active shooter threat with the assistance of EAGL Technology Gunshot Detection & Lockdowns System solutions. EAGL detects gunfire both inside and outside and works in sync with automatic door locks, access control, surveillance systems, paging and notification solutions to track the shooter and respond to the incident in a timely manner.

EAGL works to minimize injuries and casualties during an active shooter crisis whether at a school, concert venue, office building, stadiums, airports, or other public venues.

DataVox & EAGL Technology Solutions

Gunshot Detection Technology

Gunshot Detection & Lockdown System

EAGL Gunshot Detection & Lockdown System integrates with access control, video surveillance, paging and mass notification solutions.

EAGL FireFly

FireFly®CityWeb System

The FireFly® Wireless Ballistic Sensor is a wireless sensor that is used to monitor areas, detect gunshots, and identify the type of weapon being used by processing audio and energy waves.

How Does It Work?

EAGL’s FireFly® Wireless Ballistic Sensor works together with the complete Gunshot Detection & Lockdown System to give you a complete gunshot detection solution.

When a gunshot is detected by the FireFly® Wireless Ballistic Sensor, lockdown is activated in all surrounding areas and areas closest to the detected shooting as law enforcement is immediately notified and an image of the building layout with the image and location of the shooter, as well as ballistics data is sent to them and emergency contact centers. An emergency alert notification is sent via text message to those in the building to warn of the situation.

Video surveillance cameras nearest to the shooter are used to monitor and track the shooter’s movements throughout the area. Once entry is made by law enforcement personnel, the entry point is locked and the access point is secured. As soon as the scene is cleared by law enforcement, the EAGL system returns to normal operation with just the click of a button.

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