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A pioneer in unified IP Security, Genetec developed the first-ever IP video management software in 1997. Now a global leader in IP video surveillance, access control, and license plate recognition solutions, they unite these powerful security applications on a single easy-to-use platform with their Security Center. Users enjoy simplified operation through a single, intuitive interface that can easily expand as your security needs evolve. The flexible and open solution allow for deep integration with third-party hardware so organizations can take full advantage of the hardware features, as they were intended. Security Center Mobile keeps you connected and offers mobile monitoring via your smartphone or tablet.

IP License Plate Recognition

The Genetec AutoVu automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) system automates the collection and identification of vehicle plates, providing an easy and rapid solution for law enforcement and parking control agencies to detect vehicles of interest. Genetec AutoVu enhances your security system by automatically identifying and tracking vehicles accessing your facilities. AutoVu increases situation awareness and supports investigations with powerful reporting capabilities. It works with video surveillance, access control, and other security systems within Genetec Security Center.

Cloud Services

Sick of managing your security infrastructure or don’t have the capital to afford an IT team? Genetec’s Cloud Services take the stress and hassle out of on-site infrastructure maintenance and allows you to manage your security system from a remote location through the cloud or through a hybrid solution so that no hardware is necessary. With Cloud Services, you are always up-to-date with your security operations and have the flexibility to expand your system with your company as needed.

KiwiVision Analytics Integration

Genetec KiwiVision Video Analytics for Security Center is a better approach to your everyday security challenges that allows you evaluate the situation and take action faster while reducing the burden left on your team. Transform your video surveillance system and gain a better understanding of business and traffic activities with the help of KiwiVision’s suite of analytic capabilities.

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