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Paging Systems

Trust the team at DataVox for all of your paging system needs. Our paging systems have been installed in hospitals, higher education, K-12 facilities, manufacturers, warehouses and commercial buildings. Let our team bring together a design that considers the latest trends in technology that will meet your needs.

Overhead Paging Systems

Overhead Paging can be utilized for many things and consist of many components. Many of our clients are implementing IP-based Paging Systems. Campuses, warehouses, and large facilities utilize IP-based paging extensively and implement mass notification systems for general announcements or emergency situations. Offices requiring multi-zone solutions for large facilities can be deployed with many features.

  • Scheduling
  • Background Music
  • Time Alert Tones
  • All Call Paging
  • Volume Control
  • Control of Facility Clocks
  • Multi-Zone/Multi-Building Paging
  • Pre Recorded Messages
Valcom VIP-130AL

Paging Horns

Valcom Paging Speakers

Paging IP Speakers

Valcom Paging Control

Analog Page Controls

Mass Notification Systems

Mass Notification provides real-time information and instructions to people across multiple technologies.

DataVox and our partners offer a portfolio of mass notification systems that use existing data and voice networks to send messages that alert students, faculty, and/or employees of emergencies within a facility and deliver instructions until authorities arrive.

  • School Bells
  • 911 Alerting
  • Building Lockdown
  • Building Evacuation
  • IOT Integrations
  • Severe Weather Alerting
  • Push Button Alerting
  • Confirm Response