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Have you considered what type of acoustical requirements your office space will need?

Today, sound masking solutions can be network-based. The process of adding background sound that matches the frequency of human speech to an environment to reduce noise distractions by providing ambient office sounds, protect speech privacy and increase office control. Sound masking systems have provided benefits to a number of industries such as commercial and corporate office spaces, financial institutions, hospitals, medical clinics, financial institutions, government facilities, and more.

Open office environments have become a popular trend in corporate offices for easy collaboration between co-workers, however, with multiple conversations happening at once it can get quite noisy and often times require confidentiality and/or speech privacy.

Sound masking masks and reduces the intelligibility of human speech so employees can focus, be more productive, increase performance, and feel more comfortable in their office environment.

Sound masking also provides background music capabilities, excellent paging quality and the ability to control settings from your phone.

There are many different solutions to choose from, DataVox can assist with the design and implementation of a sound masking solution for any type of facility.


Completely scalable solutions suitable for any size space

Reduce speech intelligibility and improve speech privacy

Utilized for HIPPA and HCAHPS compliance

Employees are less distracted and their productivity rises measurably

Speakers for any type of environment

Smart auto volume adjustments

Individual speaker control

Smartphone application compatibility 


Cambridge Sound Management

Cambridge Sound Management, the world leader in sound masking gives you the QtPro® Sound Masking Solutions. The QtPro® systems provide precise sound masking coverage, flexible so that they can grow and change with your business.

Soft dB

Soft dB Sound Masking solution benefits include greater confidentiality, smart volume adjustment to maximize acoustic comfort, productivity gains and return on investment. Soft dB Sound Masking line of innovative controllers, speakers, sensors, and accessories help to improve work environments.

Atlas IED

AtlasIED’s comprehensive array of sound masking solutions including signal generators, loudspeakers, surface transducers and self-contained systems can be deployed anywhere, in any environment where speech privacy is critical.

Dynasound PRO

DynasoundPro sound masking solutions provide your business with quality, performance, and functionality when you need it the most, whether you’re looking for networked sound masking systems, 70 Volt sound masking systems, or sound masking for eavesdropping protection.