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Networked Sound Masking System

Dynasound, now part of the Cambridge Sound Management family, offers DynasoundPro sound masking products to provide your business with reliable sound masking solutions. DynasoundPro products are the first in the industry to have the capability to address each speaker individually over a network. This makes it convenient and easy to create uniform sound masking coverage in any space whether system-wide, per zone, or per speaker basis, which drastically improves the consistency of sound masking coverage.

Get the most flexibility and control over your sound masking solution with networked sound masking system. The industry’s first PoE (power over Ethernet) sound masking system sets the standard for control. Every speaker can be individually configured to receive one or more of eight network audio channels, and the output of one or more of four sound masking generators. Privacy Manager software enables adjustments on a system-wide, per zone, or per speaker basis.


 Can be broadcast through the network or generated at the speaker controller level

Can be combined with traditional 70 volt systems

 No proprietary or expensive managed switches required

Easy to understand and configure

PoE compliant using standard CAT-5 cable

Every speaker is individually controllable


DS1356 - Dynasound

The DS1356 loudspeaker is designed for installation above suspended ceilings or open-structure environments.

DS1398 - Dynasound

The DS 1398 is designed for in-floor or above 1 3/4 ceiling plenums.

Active Emitter - Dynasound

The DS132 or QT Active Emitter lets you broadcast sound masking simultaneous with paging and music signals.


The Privacy Manager software lets you address, access and adjust volume, channel, and tone on a system-wide, per zone, or per speaker basis.

Input Manager

The input manager gives you access to control per channel equalization and level control for paging or background music.

Output Manager

The output manager lets you adjust individual volume levels, as well as audio channels. Provides a matrix mixer that allows any mix of network channels and internal generators to be routed to any speaker.

Dynasound Privacy Manager
Dynasound Networked System Chart