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Motorola Solutions has reimagined how safety is delivered by developing the first and only solution that unifies voice, video, data and analytics in a single platform. With one integrated technology ecosystem supported by a single, trusted solution provider, your organization can achieve the foundation of safety that everything else is built on while also reducing costs, stress and risk. Safety Reimagined is a unified solution that enables individuals, businesses and communities to work together in more powerful ways.


Your organization’s time is precious and managing the communications,

video and software that comprise your security technology ecosystem can

be a time-consuming, challenging task. With Orchestrate, you can automate

your workflows, manage operations, configure your technology and control

your security ecosystem. For example, your team can utilize Orchestrate to

create “if-this-then-that” workflows that automatically send notifications

from situational awareness tools instantly to appropriate staff, directly on

their communication devices. Orchestrate combines artificial intelligence

with digital business logic to help organizations like yours configure how

you detect, analyze, communicate and respond to events.


Because the ecosystem is modular and customizable, you can choose

the solutions that best suit your needs and add to it when the time is

right for your organization – while maximizing the value of your existing

investments. With Safety Reimagined, you can manage your security

operations from a single platform, use artificial intelligence to automate

appropriate workflows and empower your team to make better, more

informed decisions.


Cities and enterprises are safer when technology and people work

together. Motorola Solutions’ business-critical ecosystem helps your

essential enterprise secure your people, protect their property and

streamline operations. By integrating technology, teams can work

safer and faster, from response to resolution, with less susceptibility

to disruptions and threats. With this foundation of safety in place, your

organization can thrive. Your employees can feel more comfortable in

the workplace, resources are better allocated and efficiencies are

realized throughout all operations.