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Mass Notification, Emergency Communication, and IP Phone Paging

DataVox has been providing communications, security emergency notification solutions to government, education and public sectors since 1988. Singlewire Software provides and supports innovative voice applications that focus on secure, fast, and reliable mass notifications. Singlewire’s own InformaCast Advanced Notification solution gives users in government, educational and other organizations customers a full-featured emergency notification system with the ability to send to IP phones, IP speakers, email, smart phones, cell phones, etc. Customers enjoy an unprecedented level of customization and control in designing their own mass notifications, can assign them to specific recipients, and even determine which medium to use to send out their message.

Solutions from DataVox and Singlewire


Informacast allows you to transform your network into a system for IP paging and emergency notifications making it easy to send out alerts to different devices at once. Informacast is compatible with most versions of Cisco Unified Communications Manager and IP phone models. You can now select areas of interest and notification perimeters for designated locations.


  • Cisco Phone Alerts
  • IP Speaker Alerts
  • Analog Speaker Alerts
  • Panic Button Alerts
  • Computer Pop-Up Alerts
  • Digital Signage Alerts
  • Alerts to Two-Way Police/Security Radios
  • Live, Audio Alerts
  • Adhoc Audio Alerts
  • Pre-Recorded Audio and Text Alerts
  • Alerts to Twitter
  • Alerts to WordPress
  • Alert to Cisco Jabber Instant Messaging Clients
  • Inbound and Outbound Email Alerts
  • School Bells, Passing Period Alerts, and Announcements
  • Shift Change Alerts
  • Closing Announcements
  • Prayer Time Schedule