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Code Blue provides a comprehensive approach to emergency communication with dynamic audio visual components that take your emergency notification solutions to the next level. DataVox and Code Blue are here to meet the needs of your facility while protecting and enhancing your investment. Whether you are in need of emergency signaling, help points, systems management or incident response tools, we can help design a solution that is scalable, durable and dependable.


Emergency Signaling

You are just a call away with these emergency signaling phones. Whether analog or IP, these durable products are built to provide a reliable and effective line of communication in the case of an emergency situation.


Home Help Points

Each facility is different, that is why Code Blue offers you multiple choices with six product lines of help points. Whether you’re in search for an emergency phone tower or a call box, we can help you pick the solution that best fits the environment and conditions of your facility.


Systems Management

Systems management brings together all your emergency communications needs and essentials into one platform that you can easily configure to your hardware and systems. You can schedule maintenance, monitor your systems, register devices and provide notifications all through one gateway.


Incident Response

Code Blue’s incident response software allows you to save incident audio and video, adjust settings, see incident location maps and more. You can control and send out mass emergency notification over audio, visual or messaging at just the touch of a button.